Revealed: Britain’s most sought-after gin flavours

Revealed: Britain’s most sought-after gin flavours

Robert FergusonMarch 11, 2021

WITH GIN sales rocketing to a record high in 2020, new research reveals that it’s pink gin providing the perfect pandemic tonic to lift the nation’s spirits.

Research by British food and drink retailer analysed the buying habits of almost 40,000 Britons last year, revealing the gin flavours

 driving the UK’s ‘ginaissance’.


Britons have been drinking and distilling gin for over 300 years, however the quintessential tipple has never been so popular with consumers as it has been throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, with tipplers preferring to stay in the pink during a turbulent 2020.

According to the latest figures released by the Wine & Spirits Trade Association (WSTA), the combined sales of gin and flavoured gin in shops, supermarkets and online rose by 22% in 2020, breaking the billion-pound mark for the first time.

The research also discovered that a large chunk of the 75 million bottles sold were flavoured gin, which has seen a real surge of popularity since British distillers began producing varied flavours of the spirit in recent years.

Now, further research analysing the buying habits of almost 40,000 UK consumers, has found that the most searched for gin in 2020, accounting for 14.3% of all searches, was “Pink Gin”, with Raspberry in second (11.3%) and Rhubarb & Ginger third (11%).

Melissa Ferguson, co-founder and director of Best British Produce, said: “The UK has always been a nation of gin drinkers, but in recent years the popularity of the tipple has gone through the roof, with gin bars opening in city centres and a variety of colours and flavours hitting supermarket shelves.

“As a company specialising in providing a platform for independent British food and drink producers to showcase and sell products to customers across the globe, we’ve witnessed first-hand just how much demand for British gin has skyrocketed over recent months.

“Although we stock a wide range of alcohol, from English sparkling wines to craft beers and ciders, it is the eclectic artisan and family-owned distillers we work with that have dominated our sales over the past six months, accounting for 73% of our overall alcohol sales, not only in the UK, but also overseas.

“While supermarket and online retailers were always going to see sales of alcohol rise during the pandemic, the surge in gin sales shows just how much of a resurgence the spirit has made over the past decade and how important it is that we continue to support British food producers and distillers as we look to drive the UK’s recovery post-pandemic and post-Brexit.”

The below image shows the top 10 most searched for gin flavours in the UK over the past 12 months.

Top 10 Gin Flavours in the UK

Data source: Google Trends

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